WHY THE EXTRA X? At Vortexx, we start off every day by listening to customers and we ask ourselves how we can make a better product. It sounds simple, but we believe this eXtra effort makes our products and service stand out from the competition. Our goal is to provide the very best pressure washer on the market, so every day we seek ways to provide "eXtra" value, quality, features, etc. The result? You will notice immediately that Vortexx products are simply better by design. Since we hand build each Vortexx, we can run and test each and every unit before it even leaves the line. This exceptional quality control allows us to back-up our product with the BEST Warranty Combination in the industry with up to 6 Years on the Engine, 5 Years on the Pump and Lifetime on the Cart!

Functionality, performance and durability are our main focus. The Vortexx advantage starts with our evolutionary patent-pending carts and finishes with our top-shelf components. We understand that the pump is the most vulnerable component of your pressure washer, so we designed every fail safe known to the industry (and some we invented) to protect your investment.

Buy From a Friendly Local Dealer or Online? Your choice... We believe that local business drives our country, we have a quality retail network of over 500 dealers from coast to coast to serve our customers and that number is growing everyday! Below, you can find your closest certified Vortexx retailer who will provide the best deal on a Vortexx Pressure Washer and will have the expertise to answer any questions you may have. If you choose the convenience of purchasing online, know that your local Vortexx retailer will support your future needs.